This is my sketch book that accompanied my portfolio for my year 12 coursework. The general idea for this project was to make a light source object. I chose to make a candle lantern as everyone else in this project was making something to do with LED lights, so for that reason i wanted to be more exclusive with my ideas. My ideas, sketches and drawings all have a commone theme in that there all based on 2 things: 1 being architecture (famouse building from around the world) and 2 being influences from a french designer called Rene Lalique, who is famous for his naturalistic approach in hie works. My method for actually making my chosen candle lantern design was the “sand casting method” which was successful to a certain extent, which is explained in depth further down. All my sketch and drawings to illistrate my ideas were either CAD, Adobe Photoshop OR Google Sketch up.



This is my year 13 coursework. In summary my project is about redesigning an new academy in the medway area. I have to make sure i encorporate the religion, and both schools that are merging into this new academy. Keeping this in mind I have come up with some design ideas based on my research. My ideas are contemporary but also include traditional aspects. All my ideas have been produced on Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop and CAD programme. My final product will be a small scale model of my chosen design.



target market



existing product

existing products


site analysis

site analysis 2

site analysis 3

site analysis 4

site analysis 5


materials 2

materials 3

design idea

design idea 2

design idea 3

design idea 4

chosen idea evaluation

working drawing

working drawing 2

material list model evaluation

step by step

flow chart

evaluation gannt chart

Design in Context – 2000 word essay

25th February 2012

This is the second Design in Context brief for the 2000 word essay below:


From reading this brief i didn’t understand it straight away, after having a lecturer deconstruct it with me, it enabled me to understand what the brief was asking me to do. My initial thought for what artifacts i was going to en corporate in my essay was and is going to be:

  1. Historical = books / print books / classic books etc.
  2. contemporary = e – books / e – reader / kindle etc

After establishing what artifacts i am going to use i did a quick brainstorm of what sub topics i want to discuss and further to that i have included what i will discuss in each sub topic. Each sub topic is eventually going to be a paragraph in my essay. Here is my initial ideas:

26th February 2012

After noting down these initial ideas it has helped me to come up with a few reasons or arguments i want to discuss in my essay…so i thought if i write them down then not only will it be recorded for later but also it will help me in my research which i will show here on my blog.

27th February 2012

After recording my ideas down it has cleared my mind for what the next stage is…in this case it is going to be the power points that were presented to us in our Design In Context lesson. These are very important as it will give me insight into practitioners, , artists and design movements. This will prove useful when i need to look up quotes OR look at a variety of sources that i may want to include in my essay later. This stage of gathering information will help me write my essay plan later.

The PDF above on Artist Books was a lecture we had in design in context. It had some great quotes like:

  • “Form must be a way of thinking” = Umberto Eco in Open Work (1962)
  • “Bookwork’s are books in which the book form, a coherent sequence of pages, determines conditions of reading that are intrinsic to the work” = Clive Phillpot
  • “By ‘hypertext’, I mean non-sequential writing – text that branches and allows choices to the reader, best read at an interactive screen. As popularly conceived, this is a series of text chunks connected by links which offer the reader different pathways” = Theodor Nelson (who coined the term)
  • “That for all their potency and appeal, the new (and not so new) media do not seem to be able to do without the book, whereas the book can manifestly do without new media’. This is our challenge to you – what do you think about the book in today’s society?” = David Blamey
  • The quotes above will be great to incorporate in my topic about form & content and also the experience of what a book is and how that has developed the experience that you now get in an e-book.

28th February 2012

future of design

The future of design PDF is another PowerPoint that was presented in class – it had some great points that I may include in my essay similar to:

  • “Information is now a consumer product because it is directly linked to the form in which it appears.”
  • “Sound, text, video and design intermingle”
  • “From “owning text’, to ‘accessing text’”
  • “Technology develops form and content simultaneously and considers it to be a whole”

Some of these points I have discussed already, but they really do tie in well with the theme of my essay and certain topics will benefit from these quotes above.

Y1 Lecture Edges

In this Power point presentation there are interesting aspects like the section on boundaries and past – future, old – new, acceptable – relived & good- bad. This can tie in with the design and format section of my essay.

I also like the quote by turner in 1969, so I may also incorporate this in the evolutionary design aspect of my essay.

29th February 2012

The next stage in writing this essay is gathering information and sources. I have looked at the following articles, blogs etc that will play a part in my essay. – statistics and quotes below

  •  “Digital publishing is growing at an impressive rate in whichever part of the sector you choose to look,” said the Publishers Association chief executive, Richard Mollet.
  • “Academic and professional publishing, which embraced digital platforms over a decade ago, continues to lead the field. But now that technology is putting e-reading devices into consumers’ hands, we are starting to see the rapid growth of digital sales in this area too, as consumer publishers develop digital formats to reach wider audiences.”

Statistics on book sales =  &

  • In the UK Nielsen Book Scan reported 2008 volume sales were down by -0.4% to 236.8m units sold and value sales declined by -1.5% taking the TCM market (Total Consumer Market) in 2008 to £1.77bn. However
  • In 2008, Project Gutenberg had a production rate of 340 new books each month, 40 mirror sites worldwide, and books being downloaded by the tens of thousands every day.

Statistics on how many children use Internet over reading =

5th March 2012

Now i have found majority of my information i need to start thinking about how i need to structure my essay. Below are some great tips on what to write in an essay. This is very useful as it shows me what information i need to include at what stage. It also helps breakdown what needs to be included in an introduction and conclusion. This is very important to me because the introduction & conclusion is something that i have always struggled with.

How to write an essay

9th March 2012

Below is my essay plan: I have broken down everything into paragraphs and have gone on further to explain what i will write about.

10th March 2012

After writing my essay plan and gathering my information i have written my essay. I found writing it more difficult than expected. I found it hard to find to get a variety of sources to put in my essay. I have included peoples view, opinions and statistics and quoted them in my essay for my source. I feel that it is quite difficult to come up with 2000 words because y style of writing is straight to the point and basic, so to try and extend a simple point proved difficult in the writing process. After writing the essay i had got a few family members and friends to proof read it. The feedback i got was mainly to tidy up the structure of my essay. After i had redrafted my essay i got it proof read again and i only had to spell check and reword sentences. My final essay is written below.

final 2000 word essay.

D & AD Assignment

6th February 2012

This assignment is all about choosing a brief from a variety of options from D & AD and completing the brief that most appeals to you that will then be submitted into competition via D & AD. These brief are in the link below…

D & AD briefs

Out of the options from the briefs given above I have decided to choose the MINISTRY OF SOUND brief. I have chosen this brief because it will allow me to experiment with typography, layout, narrative ideas etc…. which I find exciting and challenging.

MOS Brief

The brief I have chosen is above along with a broken down version (below) I have written myself to give an overall summary of what I believe the brief is asking for.

Ministry of Sound Brief


· I am required to create 3 typographically based A2 outdoor posters.
· These must act as a 3-month advertising campaign for their “Saturday session”.
· Each poster must correspond a clear theme that is still in keeping with the ministry of sound brand.
· Each poster must clearly show the dates, DJ and brand.
· Typography & size is free to explore but logo and colors have been provided.
· Remember to make the design of the poster must make a big impact for the outdoor environment.

Brand Personality:

· Ministry of sound has authority, is epic and global. It brings a pioneering, iconic experience.

Target Audience:

· Aged range = 18 – 30
· Interests = dance music lovers
· Saturday session will be an event that the target audience plan for in advance.


· Uploaded Image on PDF of each execution/design.

13th February 2012

To start this project I need to get all the content (information that need to be on the posters) that will help me create my 3 posters.
The link below gives me all the information on the DJ line up for each Saturday session & for what month.
DJ names etc

This is the logo that D & AD have provided (below) for the use of creating the posters. This will be great to not only colorize but also incorporate in my design ideas.

This is the color palette that the ministry of sound have provided (below). The colors are bold and typical of ministry of sound themselves. My initial though was that this could prove difficult in the designing process, as the colors don’t look as if they will easily work well in combinations. However looking at the colors more I feel that they will definitely standout, which is the ultimate goal.

20th February 2012

To start my poster I feel that it would be a wise idea to look at existing posters, in order to get inspiration as to what works well and what doesn’t, which will help my idea generating later.
Here are a few examples below of existing posters along with my critique below.

In this poster I like the bold logo, as the design of it stands out not only because of the writing aspect of it but the whole deign of it is bold and eye-catching. The colors are white. Pinks and blacks which all blend well together. I think that the Saturday session’s title though should be a bit bigger so that it doesn’t wash away from the logo design. The typography used is quite mixed which works well for the logo and DJ line up but the more you look at the intricacy of the logo and DJ line up against the “Saturday Sessions” title the more it feels disconnected. In my opinion they could have chosen the same typeface as they have for the other information.

This poster has a great layout. The information is not clearly conveyed as there is no division between the dates, but the thought of having the typefaces and certain titles bigger than the others is quite innovative and shows a design in itself. The idea of having the logo halved and opposite the other information is bold and striking, however I don’t think that this is a very clear way of illustrating the logo, especially if the ministry of sound logo is something that nobody has heard or seen before. The typography used is simple and clear to read which is enhanced by the alignment of the text. So this poster has achieved a clear design without over complicating the clean, concise creation.

The layout of this poster is unique & at first glance it doesn’t really relate to the target audience. I believe this is due to the typography used for the title and the whole bubble like design. If this poster were seen from a moving vehicle it would be eye-catching but it wouldn’t be immediately recognized as a ministry of sound poster because of the whole quirkiness. I also think that the colors play a role in the almost child like quality in this design that I really don’t think works. I don’t think that this was the designer’s intention, but the typeface in bubble writing and the circular speech bubbles is just clashing with the layout, which also is difficult to follow.

The pictures below are all posters that I saw and liked so I have listed them for later if i would like to incorporate into my design.

27th February 2012

These images below are practice ideas for my background I was thinking of using in my poster design later.

Tester design idea

The design idea above is very simple and the information layout was something that I particularly like. By looking at existing poster I took some ideas from them like the boxes showing the date and month, because this was something that I really liked and it showed a new way of presenting this information. I also like the way the layout fits with the portrait page. It looks clean, tidy and neat which is something that I was striving to achieve. I didn’t put any effort into choosing font styles yet because at this point of the designing stage I really wanted to focus on backgrounds and layout.

5th MARCH 2012

Each poster design was inspired by a Photoshop tutorial online which had an aurora effect. I thought that this looked quite cool and looking at existing poster backgrounds for ministry of sound nobody had produced anything similar to this design. I then went on to do 2 mock ups of the ministry of sound posters below to get an idea of layout, font and ultimately I wanted to see  if the backgrounds above would look good as a poster . Here is how they turned out:

Mock up design idea 1

Mock up design idea 2

In my opinion the background with the text is coming across as to busy and the colors I have used are just too much. I feel that I just need to simplify a few things down and stick to a color scheme. The layout/position of where I have put the text is great because the information is easy to read and follow. I may have the information on the bottom though so it flows and one whole piece together. Overall I don’t think this design is exactly what I am looking to achieve but it has given somethings to think about when I design my next poster.

10th MARCH 2012

The following posters are the new designs I had created. Learning from my experiences with the above posters these designs I feel have slightly improved. Take a look at them below.

final poster design 1

final poster design 2

final poster design 3

The feedback I received on my new designs was fairly positive. I had all the basic elements in the design as a whole I just need to play about with certain areas like:

  • alignment
  • color combinations
  • typography

What aspects I do like of this idea is the fact that the poster is landscape. I also like the layout of where all the information has been placed on the poster as a whole because it is very clear to read which was something I was concerned about the most. By implementing the changes above I will go back and change them and then get my designs critiqued again for further feedback.

In order to improve my typography I thought that I will look at some SANS SERIFS, because it will look more modern and updated so it will fit in well with the Ministry of Sound vibe. Here are a few examples of typefaces I looked at, and why they may not have worked below.

The fonts above were just general instant font face ideas I tried, but they were either too bold and narrow or too thin and tall looking which was something I felt didn’t go with the design i was trying to achieve.

Again the fonts above I tried on my posters to get a feel of what they would look like and at this stage the only contender is “Futura” because funnily enough it does look, and have a feel about that makes it quite modern, which is something I am trying to achieve in my posters. So I will keep on looking…

This “aaarrg” font face is the correct San Serif I am going for but I will try to get it bold because it looks to thin at the moment and I don’t want the text to be washed out by the background design.  So I will continue my search…

This “Ayita Pro semi bold” font face again is appealing but the number on this font face look to modern and that is an aspect of my design that needs to be given equal attention along with all the other information on my poster. So this font face is definitely ruled out. Finally….

This is the chosen font I am going to use in my poster. The font face looks clean and tidy but also the numbers look modern aswell which ties in with the whole design aspect I am going for in my posters.

12th MARCH 2012

MOSP redone

MOSP redone 2

MOSP redone 3

The feedback that I received from the redone ministry of sound posters was overall mixed. Each poster had become to simple and didn’t have that ministry of sound vibe in the poster like I did have in the poster before. This was mainly due to the background. The alignment was improved along with the typeface which everyone agreed on was much more suitable and simple.  What I do need to improve on now is my background design because I need to have the poster look or belong to the ministry of sound brand and at the moment it doesn’t have anything indication music or clubbing in it, so that I something that will be my main priority in my next designing stage.

15th MARCH 2012

soundwave poster 1

soundwave poster 2

soundwave poster 4

In today’s lesson Mary was not here and there was only one other student in the class so I probably didn’t get as many people’s opinion as I would have liked but Helena, the substitute lecturer gave me some great advice. She said to tweak the following:

  • change the information hierarchy form: date,time,theme & names to names, theme, date and time. And in this order change the font size accordingly. She said this from an advertising perspective as the first thing the target audience would be drawn to would be the DJ names and not the date and time so much.
  • she also said to change the tone of the blue and purple poster because it was difficult to read the information on the black background.
  • if the above didn’t work then she said to change the color of the background from black to either white or grey to make the information stand out.

Overall what Helena liked was the sound wave idea/narrative behind my design, as it tied in with the ministry of sound brand well, and she approved of my color combinations by saying they were vibrant and stood out, which was my ultimate goal.  I will now finally change my design for the last time before submitting, I think I have come along way from my first initial ideas, I just need to push my ideas a bit more further so I can get them to the standard I am wanting to achieve.

Official ministry of sound poster 1

Official ministry of sound poster 2

Official ministry of sound poster 3

The designs above are my final designs for the Ministry of Sound Posters. the changes that I had made were the pt size if the information – DJ, TIME, DATE et. I made sure that the more important information was in a bigger pt size then g.g the date was. I made the point size bigger for the DJ names from and advertising perspective. Helena in my previous critique said that when people go to events like this they are usually looking at who will be at the event, and afterwards will look at the dates and times. Taking this criticism on board I changed the pt size of the text according to importance instead of changing the hierarchy order in which I have layer out the information. I have also slightly moved the sound wave up the page so that I could make the information that is going underneath the soundwave slightly bigger for reading ease. I also changed the tone of the blue on the second poster design because it was difficult to read on the black background, I also tried to make the writing bigger on all 3 posters so that it was easier to read. Overall I am happy with how my posters have turned out, it was a long process to get to this final stage but considering where I began, I think that it has all been worth it, and I have produced my posters which is quite an accomplishment.