Design in Context – 2000 word essay

25th February 2012

This is the second Design in Context brief for the 2000 word essay below:


From reading this brief i didn’t understand it straight away, after having a lecturer deconstruct it with me, it enabled me to understand what the brief was asking me to do. My initial thought for what artifacts i was going to en corporate in my essay was and is going to be:

  1. Historical = books / print books / classic books etc.
  2. contemporary = e – books / e – reader / kindle etc

After establishing what artifacts i am going to use i did a quick brainstorm of what sub topics i want to discuss and further to that i have included what i will discuss in each sub topic. Each sub topic is eventually going to be a paragraph in my essay. Here is my initial ideas:

26th February 2012

After noting down these initial ideas it has helped me to come up with a few reasons or arguments i want to discuss in my essay…so i thought if i write them down then not only will it be recorded for later but also it will help me in my research which i will show here on my blog.

27th February 2012

After recording my ideas down it has cleared my mind for what the next stage is…in this case it is going to be the power points that were presented to us in our Design In Context lesson. These are very important as it will give me insight into practitioners, , artists and design movements. This will prove useful when i need to look up quotes OR look at a variety of sources that i may want to include in my essay later. This stage of gathering information will help me write my essay plan later.

The PDF above on Artist Books was a lecture we had in design in context. It had some great quotes like:

  • “Form must be a way of thinking” = Umberto Eco in Open Work (1962)
  • “Bookwork’s are books in which the book form, a coherent sequence of pages, determines conditions of reading that are intrinsic to the work” = Clive Phillpot
  • “By ‘hypertext’, I mean non-sequential writing – text that branches and allows choices to the reader, best read at an interactive screen. As popularly conceived, this is a series of text chunks connected by links which offer the reader different pathways” = Theodor Nelson (who coined the term)
  • “That for all their potency and appeal, the new (and not so new) media do not seem to be able to do without the book, whereas the book can manifestly do without new media’. This is our challenge to you – what do you think about the book in today’s society?” = David Blamey
  • The quotes above will be great to incorporate in my topic about form & content and also the experience of what a book is and how that has developed the experience that you now get in an e-book.

28th February 2012

future of design

The future of design PDF is another PowerPoint that was presented in class – it had some great points that I may include in my essay similar to:

  • “Information is now a consumer product because it is directly linked to the form in which it appears.”
  • “Sound, text, video and design intermingle”
  • “From “owning text’, to ‘accessing text’”
  • “Technology develops form and content simultaneously and considers it to be a whole”

Some of these points I have discussed already, but they really do tie in well with the theme of my essay and certain topics will benefit from these quotes above.

Y1 Lecture Edges

In this Power point presentation there are interesting aspects like the section on boundaries and past – future, old – new, acceptable – relived & good- bad. This can tie in with the design and format section of my essay.

I also like the quote by turner in 1969, so I may also incorporate this in the evolutionary design aspect of my essay.

29th February 2012

The next stage in writing this essay is gathering information and sources. I have looked at the following articles, blogs etc that will play a part in my essay. – statistics and quotes below

  •  “Digital publishing is growing at an impressive rate in whichever part of the sector you choose to look,” said the Publishers Association chief executive, Richard Mollet.
  • “Academic and professional publishing, which embraced digital platforms over a decade ago, continues to lead the field. But now that technology is putting e-reading devices into consumers’ hands, we are starting to see the rapid growth of digital sales in this area too, as consumer publishers develop digital formats to reach wider audiences.”

Statistics on book sales =  &

  • In the UK Nielsen Book Scan reported 2008 volume sales were down by -0.4% to 236.8m units sold and value sales declined by -1.5% taking the TCM market (Total Consumer Market) in 2008 to £1.77bn. However
  • In 2008, Project Gutenberg had a production rate of 340 new books each month, 40 mirror sites worldwide, and books being downloaded by the tens of thousands every day.

Statistics on how many children use Internet over reading =

5th March 2012

Now i have found majority of my information i need to start thinking about how i need to structure my essay. Below are some great tips on what to write in an essay. This is very useful as it shows me what information i need to include at what stage. It also helps breakdown what needs to be included in an introduction and conclusion. This is very important to me because the introduction & conclusion is something that i have always struggled with.

How to write an essay

9th March 2012

Below is my essay plan: I have broken down everything into paragraphs and have gone on further to explain what i will write about.

10th March 2012

After writing my essay plan and gathering my information i have written my essay. I found writing it more difficult than expected. I found it hard to find to get a variety of sources to put in my essay. I have included peoples view, opinions and statistics and quoted them in my essay for my source. I feel that it is quite difficult to come up with 2000 words because y style of writing is straight to the point and basic, so to try and extend a simple point proved difficult in the writing process. After writing the essay i had got a few family members and friends to proof read it. The feedback i got was mainly to tidy up the structure of my essay. After i had redrafted my essay i got it proof read again and i only had to spell check and reword sentences. My final essay is written below.

final 2000 word essay.

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